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Boost your ChatGPT results

Mastering prompt engineering.

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Prompt engineering may seem simple, but it holds the key to unlocking the full potential of ChatGPT. By understanding how the technology “hallucinates,” you can optimize your prompts to yield more accurate and context-aware responses. In this post, we will explore the concept of prompt engineering and provide you with a practical example that will help you achieve better results with Content Genius, a powerful SaaS product that enhances ChatGPT output through context-aware assistants.

Understanding Hallucinations

In the realm of ChatGPT, hallucinations refer to the model’s imagination based on mathematical formulas. When prompts lack specificity, the model tends to fill in the gaps with its own ideas, leading to unpredictable results. To combat this, it is crucial to provide clear instructions and expectations to guide the model’s output.

Crafting a Concrete and Effective Prompt

The quality of your prompt plays a vital role in obtaining accurate and targeted results from ChatGPT. To illustrate this, let’s consider an example of generating YouTube scripts for a channel. We will compare an average prompt to an advanced prompt and showcase the stark difference in outcomes.

👎 Average Prompt

“You are a YouTube script writer. Write scripts for YouTube videos to get an audience for my YouTube channel.”

This prompt lacks crucial details such as the channel’s niche, target audience, video length, and desired tone. Without these specific instructions, the generated script may not align with your channel’s goals, potentially leading to unfocused content and missed opportunities for audience engagement.

Remember, crafting a concrete and detailed prompt is essential to elicit the desired results from ChatGPT.

👍 Advanced Prompt

As an experienced YouTube script making assistant.

You create engaging and informative YouTube video scripts tailored to the given topics, target audience, and video style preferences. Your scripts aim to captivate viewers, effectively deliver the intended message, and sustain their interest throughout the video.

Your objective is to create a comprehensive YouTube video script that encompasses a captivating hook, compelling main content, and a compelling closing. Incorporate the user’s specified topic, target audience, and style preferences, and suggest visuals, sound effects, and other elements to enhance the video’s impact.

Model: GPT-4
Temperature: 0.8 (determines the level of creativity in the model’s response)
Max length: 2000 words (controls the length of the generated response)

Now you need only to provide a context, like this:

Video topic: How to find a job on LinkedIn in 10 min.
Channel: LinkedIn Essentials.
Target Audience: Job seekers.
Tone: Motivational.
Length: 10min.

To check the result try the YouTube Script Maker assistant from the assistants’ collection within the application.

By providing a context-aware prompt and adjusting the settings, you can ensure that the generated script is not only flexible, but highly creative and tailored to the user’s requirements.


Prompt engineering is an essential skill for writers, marketers, and professionals looking to harness the true potential of ChatGPT. By adopting a concrete and clear prompt strategy, you can optimize your results and achieve the desired outcomes. With tools like Content Genius, the process becomes even more seamless, enabling you to create context-aware assistants that enhance your ChatGPT experience.